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Spring 2023 Sale

Everything you'll see in my shop is handmade and either hand-painted or dip glazed. My work is primarily one-of-a-kind ceramics. I don't, at this time, use molds or throwing guides. Ceramics is my therapy, and as such I follow my intuition and let my pieces become what they need to be. I sell some sets—cups and decor, mostly—but even then you'll notice differences. When you purchase one of my pieces you can be sure that your piece is unique!


I work in both porcelain and stoneware and focus on mugs, cups, bottles, vases, and planters. I am always experimenting with form, function, and design, and plan to continue selling my work in batches online as well as through selected retailers. Coming soon: Plates, bowls, and drain trays for planters!

Please subscribe (below) to my site for early shopping opportunities and batch previews. At this time I do not take special orders, but that could change!

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